Your Mistress

I’m a blue eyed, 5’6”, Scottish redhead in the prime of my life; a life that I have dedicated to hedonism, showing off, danger, depravity, art and beauty. I have spent 20 years living and working within the fetish industry and BDSM community as a performing artist, creative director and educator. This alternative career, in another guise, has afforded me the opportunity to meet, work and play with elite kinksters worldwide, indulging my personal desires both on and off the stage. I have indeed been fortunate!

I have toured the globe extensively, combining professional dance trainingand highly specialized circus arts with fetish fashions and twisted fantasies. I can crack a rose from between your teeth with a bullwhip at several paces or trail flames across your body before extinguishing my fire floggers on your naked skin.

My Schoolmistress fetish benefits from my early lessons in Latin and Classical Studies, as well as a predilection for vintage, scholastic and domestic propriety. Oh the repression! As an avid Thespian, the entertainer in me delights in all manner of role-playI’ll be Frank if you’ll be Earnest. Although sadistic by nature, I am no miserable misandrist and enjoy a dark sense of humour. For example, there’s the tickling. Did I mention the torturous tickling? Details of this and my other special interests can be found on my Interests page with further items listed on Consider This.

I am very much a woman’s woman: a staunch feminist and lover of strong women. I also have a keen interest in female subs; female clients are most enthusiastically welcome in my chambers. Fellow Dominas, I extend to you a warm leather glove of friendship and respect and I look forward to enjoying your company in the future. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the human psyche and libido and am in the business of making my command your fervent wish.

Nothing pleases me more than a player who strives to test their own limits, whatever those may be: the masochists hunger for pain, the tolerance of tease and denial or the willing submission of self. I love to embark upon a journey with a slave therefore novices are just as rewarding as more experienced players, oftentimes more so as the joyful revelations come thicker and faster.

My current focus of professional domination stems from a lifelong obsession with perversity. Previously a lifestyle dominant centred on my own kinks, my curiosity keeps me keen to explore the fetishes of others. I love to be presented with new perversities and each kinkster brings their own twist or flavour to even the most frequently requested activities.


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