When you come to a professional Dominant you are baring some of your deepest, personal desires (in the strictest confidence). Here are some of the things that make me tick, and why. 

Please note: my interests are diverse and a more comprehensive list can be found on my Consider This page. Everything you read there is something that I enjoy to a greater or lesser extent. I am not only comfortable to offer any of these as part of a session but keen to keep my sessions varied. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, if your personal kink is not mentioned it is possible that I may simply have overlooked it. If you are unsure, don't guess, please ask. Refer my to my list of Boundaries first and if it is not already specified there simply ask me, I will not be offended, I won't "yuk your yum".

I'm old fashioned like that...

There are countless revolutionary new gadgets and gizmos designed for modern punishments but I have a weakness for the solid warmth of wooden implements and leather straps, the reliability of a good old fashioned mouth-soaping and the discipline of writing out lines. 

I cannot tell you the number of wooden spoons and paddle brushes I have broken across the flanks of cheeky upstarts. I enjoy the differing blooms the convex and concave sides of a wooden spoon leave respectively, until the dry wood splits and a new spoon must be fetched. I relish the sturdy thwack of a wooden hairbrush striking a rump and the inevitable sad crack as yet another hairbrush gives out and joins the broken collection.

Lessons are punctuated by lines: lines copied out by hand with further demerits for untidy or smudged penmanship; lines repeated by rote whilst receiving an over the knee spanking or slippering; lines criss-crossing the buttocks as welted stripes are left by a cane or strap. 

Bad language will not be tolerated! For the edification of an uncivil tongue, infractions will be punished by washing the mouth out with soap. It pleases me greatly to see a filthy-mouthed urchin frothing in a lather, with tears streaming down their grubby face; so much so, that it may be imposed as "funishment" simply for my entertainment.

The Governess will see you now, mind your manners!

I love to tickle and I love to torture but most of all I love to do both a the same time! 

Perhaps my most niche of interests but one that brings me so much glee. Here I can fully unleash my sadism in an unparalleled manner. How gratifying to elicit screams of laughter and terror; to reduce my subject to a weeping, quivering wreck convulsing in a puddle of their own urine, begging for respite through tears of laughter, yet with no danger of physical harm.

I prefer my subject in bondage, immobilised in stocks or strapped down to dungeon furniture with the most sensitive areas prominently exposed; often with toes splayed and tied back, arms akimbo and ribs revealed. Hyper-stimulation is achieved using feathers, fingernails, electric toothbrushes, calligraphy, probing fingers, hairbrushes and any other sundry items I fancy.

I am relentless and ruthless. I am not ticklish myself and so am endlessly fascinated by the torment it evokes in others. As ever I delight in the sight of my slave squirming, writhing and straining at their bonds. 

Confess your most ticklish spots so I may exploit them fully. Resistance is futile; I will find your weak spots; I will strum your delicate nerves to a symphony of shrieks and screams; we shall laugh together at your vulnerability.

I like a slave who knows their place... at my feet. 

My feet have taken me on many adventures, danced on broken glass and walked on fire, pirouetted en pointe and endured endless hours teetering atop stilettos. They deserve devotion. 

My pale Scottish toes are milk-white and butter-soft. Years of professional dance training and circus skills have given me poise and balance, allowing me to tread and trample with easy grace, applying pressure exactly, and only, on the points I choose. 

I love to watch you grovel underfoot, prostate beneath my stockinged toes, squirming under my spiked heel. I delight in the worship of my feet in all their guises: whether that be fresh, clean tootsies smothering your face; stocking-clad toes probing your bound body; your dutiful hands massaging my aching arches with aromatic oils; the earnest leather husbandry of the bootblack or the lustful licking of a shoe fetishist.

My feet can never receive enough veneration but enthusiastic reverence will be rewarded. Now get down and kiss my boots, bitch.

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Photo by David Pickens

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