Last Minute Novice Has The Answers

I'm at home, just about to start making dinner when I get a last minute enquiry. It turns out that the only time I can squeeze him into the dungeon is in thirty minutes time. The dungeon is a 10 minute walk away, I am in my lounging clothes, my hair is a mess and I'm wearing no makeup (day off). Besides, I don't do last minute appointments. Still, I talk to him on the phone and he seems super nice. What the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I decide I like the cut of his jib and instruct him as to the appointed time and place. 

Usually I like to allow ample time for frou-frou-ing, the ritualistic makeup application and the lazy coiffeur. I like to try on a couple of outfits to see what feels good on that day. 


I slap makeup on my face as fast as possible, tame the barnet as best I can and grab the first outfit that comes to hand. I also stuff another outfit in a bag just in case, along with 4 pairs of shoes because... because shoes!

He's waiting for me when I arrive. I bluster in with a big smile, I know he's nervous. "Look how excited I am to see you, I'm positively out of breath darling, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on you". He's slim, tall, late 20's and easy on the eye. 

We chit-chat as I change out of my sexy Doc Martins into some nice sequinned peep-toe heels. He is indeed a little nervous but soon we have him naked in the dungeon and strapped down nice and snug to the spanking bench... which is too small for his incredibly long legs. He takes a good spanking well. Everything is new to him and he seems to like it all. I blitz him round the dungeon in a "taster buffet" of kink, omitting the heavy dishes that require an acquired taste. We chat and and laugh the whole time. He moans dreamily, and grunts and quivers at all the right times. 

It's going well and we've still got ages to go. 

He'd expressed some interest in Anal Play so I get him up on the sling and make a big show of putting on my latex gloves, making suggestive, playful comments. Slowly, slowly, lots of lube later I'm stroking his prostate and he's moaning softly. 

"How are your legs doing? Are you OK with them spread so wide?"


"And your hands? Do they feel OK in those restraints?" 

"yeah... they're.. fine"

"you're not really thinking about your hands and feet are you?"

laughs "no"

"what are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about how pretty you are... and how good that feels"



Gold star!

Top of the class. 

All the stress of rushing to get there just melted away. That was the perfect answer. We still had half the session to go and what fun we had. I like to have at least a day to prepare for a session, some are markedly more involved than others, but over coffee afterwards he told me he couldn't imagine how it could have gone better. I had to agree :)

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