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They Always Find Me

I was enjoying a night off from pervery this weekend at a music event. As usual wearing impractically high heels and had sought sojourn backstage. Perched atop the arm of a sofa I chatted to some of the musicians whilst a young boy massaged my feet.

I should elaborate here that the event featured several loud, rock/punk bands, all of whom were crammed into one dressing room. I was also on the team for the event so don't go assuming I'm a groupie who clutters up the precious backstage resources, it was my dressing room too!

Anyway, as I chatted to a large, muscled and tattooed, mature punk singer I was approached by a sweet young boy who offered to rub my feet. This was backstage at a non-kink event, in a testosterone filled dressing room. I was not attending as "Madam Brodie" and in fact keep my ProDomme persona entirely separate. Yet somehow he knew. All my life submissive men have found me, they know, I know, we can sense each other.

He was only a slip of a lad, early 20s I'd say, slim with long hair and clever hands. As he sat on the floor at my feet, lavishing them with attention and soothing my aching arches, I was impressed by his dedication to his passion. At a kink event no one would think twice about such a scenario but here he was eagerly serving a stranger in a very macho environment. That made quite an impact on me.

It gave me a little thrill to know what he didn't, that usually one would have to pay good money for the privilege of rubbing Madam's feet.

"Aren't you a good boy?" said I.

Looking up at me with big eyes and earnest expression he mouthed the words "Thank you".

I went back to chatting and drinking with my previous companions whilst the boy busied himself with my tootsies. Every now and then I would look down and catch his eye and every time he would mouth his thanks. He was so grateful, it melted a little part of my cold dead heart ;) How joyous for someone to utterly know their place and to facilitate a chance for them to occupy it.

The footrub was good, so I thanked him and went upon my merry way, in all likelihood never to meet again.

They always find me and it brightens my day.

After more than twenty years as a lifestyle Top, Mistress and Domme as "me", I decided to take on a new Mistress name for professional sessions.

The inspiration for my name is from the book, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark (played by Maggie Smith in the film adaptation and Geraldine McEwan in the TV series). Although Miss Brodie is a very flawed character her name resonates strongly in our culture. Even those who have never seen nor read the story conjure up images of a strict Scottish disciplinarian at the mention of her name.

My love for domestic and scholastic discipline drew me to a name that would inspire an old-fashioned governess image. Miss Jean Brodie was charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, strict, witty and domineering. She fancied herself as nurturing but was often manipulative and cruel. She was also Scottish and in the prime of her life :)

However, the similarities run only so deep, I am no carbon copy and I did not wish to call myself merely Miss Brodie or even Mistress Brodie. I prefer the maturity of "Madam" for my personality and I like the sound of Madam, or Ma'am when it stammers from a subs lips. The deviation from the default of "Mistress" also serves to check who is really paying attention. Keep your wits about you!

I haven't sessioned in London for quite some time so have booked myself in for a day of tormenting and abusing lucky applicants at Murder Mile Studios in East London on Saturday 30th January.

It's such a wonderful space, I really enjoy striding around and playing with all the wonderful toys there. The possibilities are as endless as my mind is devious. If you'd like to come and play with me, send me an email. Booking procedures and requirements are all detailed online along with my direct email address. 

Slots are filling up fast (doesn't that sound nice?) but there's still a few available. If I have fun, I might even come back sooner ;)

Murder Mile Throne

Murder Mile Dungeon


Cheeribye for now xx

Dear ******,

It certainly sounds as if you have quite a lovely scenario painted out for yourself. Torture is no problem for me but I'm curious about how you see these orgasms being "forced out of you"?

It's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility but I must make it absolutely clear from the start that I do not offer any directly sexual services. I will not masturbate you or pleasure you in any way. Your penis is of little interest to me other than as a thing to torment; your orgasm is of no consequence to me other than as a means of expressing my dominance over you and your submission to me.

If you feel that you would be able to reach a suitable state of excitement through the use of toys, D/s, role-play, bondage etc  for you to pursue your rollercoaster of orgasm denial and forced orgasms, then we may talk more. If you are looking for a more direct sexual contact I wish you all the best but I feel we will not be able to have a mutually satisfactory encounter.

I sincerely wish you the best in your search to satisfy your desires. You have an exciting journey of discovery ahead of you. You are at the younger end of the spectrum for me*. I do not generally see anyone below the age of 25 years but I feel each person must be judged on their own merits and maturity so if you wish to discuss an appointment further you may contact me again with more details.

Kind regards,

Madam Brodie.


*23 years old.

I'm so very pleased with this image.

I'd spent all day getting lubed up and squeezed in and out of various Lady Lucie Latex creations. You can only see a glimpse of the latex behind all my hair but beautiful images of more of these outfits are on their way shortly. 

Right at the end of the day, way past the scheduled end of the shoot, when we were all but spent I trussed myself up into these incredible butter-soft, red leather thigh boots, lit up a cigar and Mr Pickens caught this magical moment. I've been dying to share it for a while now but only just been sent the finished image. 

Well done Mr Pickens and thank you so very much :)

Those boots are so beautiful, did I mention they have pink tongues? 





Really Excellent article: "If we liberate men’s sexuality, the war against women can end"

I really enjoyed this article. It's worth reading through it all. I think so much of what she says resonates very strongly with me. Traditional gender roles don't just harm women and we must strive together for a better future. Teach your sons to think about and challenge these issues, not just your daughters. 

In the meantime I take great pleasure in facilitating a safe environment for men and women alike to expose their most secret and profane desires, and be accepted.

On Friday I popped back to the UK for a whirlwind but incredibly exciting and productive meeting with the lovely and über talented Lady Lucie Latex and left with a suitcase full of incredible latex that I can't wait to shoot. 

Her workshop is welcoming, as is Lucie herself (and the black cat). It was great to catch up and we spent a delightful afternoon, with me stripped and lubed up, as she squeezed, pulled and laced me in to outfit after outfit: corsets, opera gloves, stockings, skirts, jackets, hotpants, buckle straps and harnesses... what a jolly way to spend a few hours. I really love her designs and the whole time she really made me feel badass and gorgeous (which, of course, I am). I felt like a queen, a supervillain and a goddess. 

It looks like the shoot will happen at the end of January. I have an amazing photographer confirmed and I have a fantastic location but I have an important meeting before I can reveal the details. I hate having to wait so long to get these images shot but I know they are going to be worth the wait. 

Check her out at

The old wordpress blog has gone (as have all the comments and replies that were posted there in the past few weeks, sorry guys). I'm starting again with this one, nestled in the warm bosom of a burgeoning site. I know it's very bare and desperately needs glorious pictures but with the dream-team I've enlisted I promise they'll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I have a fair bit of blogging to catch up on as I've been busy elsewhere. 

Objectively speaking, the objective is to subject one's subjects to objectification without objection, however subjective those subject's objections may be.

My Scanty "website"

As some have so keenly observed my “website” is indeed currently a little scant and sparse.

The reason being, that hidden behind this first holding page is a construction site full of scaffolding and unfurnished architecture. Webmonkeys and collaborateurs are bashing away at computers and schedules, brainstorming and grafting to bring delicious shoots and web-design together for the actual relaunch.

However I was not prepared hide away waiting for completion; so keen was I to begin spreading the good word and casting my nets far and wide for potential clients, chums and allies. You may like to go find me on Fetlife..? (Madam_Brodie)

As you can see it is a fresh page and as such am only beginning to catalogue my interests. If you fail to see your particular penchant listed, it may be that I have simply not had time to add it or I may just not be that into it. Nevertheless, I will not Yuk your Yum so it’s always worth an ask :D

You never know, you might be assisting me by bringing an omission to my attention. Maybe you'll get a cookie? ;)


T-wit T-woo

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