They Always Find Me

I was enjoying a night off from pervery this weekend at a music event. As usual wearing impractically high heels and had sought sojourn backstage. Perched atop the arm of a sofa I chatted to some of the musicians whilst a young boy massaged my feet.

I should elaborate here that the event featured several loud, rock/punk bands, all of whom were crammed into one dressing room. I was also on the team for the event so don't go assuming I'm a groupie who clutters up the precious backstage resources, it was my dressing room too!

Anyway, as I chatted to a large, muscled and tattooed, mature punk singer I was approached by a sweet young boy who offered to rub my feet. This was backstage at a non-kink event, in a testosterone filled dressing room. I was not attending as "Madam Brodie" and in fact keep my ProDomme persona entirely separate. Yet somehow he knew. All my life submissive men have found me, they know, I know, we can sense each other.

He was only a slip of a lad, early 20s I'd say, slim with long hair and clever hands. As he sat on the floor at my feet, lavishing them with attention and soothing my aching arches, I was impressed by his dedication to his passion. At a kink event no one would think twice about such a scenario but here he was eagerly serving a stranger in a very macho environment. That made quite an impact on me.

It gave me a little thrill to know what he didn't, that usually one would have to pay good money for the privilege of rubbing Madam's feet.

"Aren't you a good boy?" said I.

Looking up at me with big eyes and earnest expression he mouthed the words "Thank you".

I went back to chatting and drinking with my previous companions whilst the boy busied himself with my tootsies. Every now and then I would look down and catch his eye and every time he would mouth his thanks. He was so grateful, it melted a little part of my cold dead heart ;) How joyous for someone to utterly know their place and to facilitate a chance for them to occupy it.

The footrub was good, so I thanked him and went upon my merry way, in all likelihood never to meet again.

They always find me and it brightens my day.

T-wit T-woo

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