How did you come about your Mistress name?

After more than twenty years as a lifestyle Top, Mistress and Domme as "me", I decided to take on a new Mistress name for professional sessions.

The inspiration for my name is from the book, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark (played by Maggie Smith in the film adaptation and Geraldine McEwan in the TV series). Although Miss Brodie is a very flawed character her name resonates strongly in our culture. Even those who have never seen nor read the story conjure up images of a strict Scottish disciplinarian at the mention of her name.

My love for domestic and scholastic discipline drew me to a name that would inspire an old-fashioned governess image. Miss Jean Brodie was charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, strict, witty and domineering. She fancied herself as nurturing but was often manipulative and cruel. She was also Scottish and in the prime of her life :)

However, the similarities run only so deep, I am no carbon copy and I did not wish to call myself merely Miss Brodie or even Mistress Brodie. I prefer the maturity of "Madam" for my personality and I like the sound of Madam, or Ma'am when it stammers from a subs lips. The deviation from the default of "Mistress" also serves to check who is really paying attention. Keep your wits about you!

T-wit T-woo

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