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Another Mistress Review, this time from the most ticklish guy ever. His body went into a shock/stress reaction when tickled, his throat would swell up and he would struggle to breathe, like anaphylaxis. I could have literally tickled him to death! So if his review sounds like it's obsessed with safety protocols, there's a good reason why. Tickle-torture as edge-play. 

I paid a visit to Madam Brodie in spring of 2016 having consulted her by way of email then phone. It is important to call to talk so you can negotiate a scene that will satisfy you and lay down your boundaries.I have a huge tickle fetish and love being tickled to oblivion. I also have a pathetic excuse for a mini dick and need reminding about what a disgrace it is to women. I don't think Madam has had anyone as ticklish as me but I was in euphoria as I was mercilessly tickled and spanked. I was also paraded around the dungeon in the most emasculating way possible.All play was done safely and sanely and Madam is very professional in keeping an eye on making sure everything going well. I absolutely recommend her to satisfy your fetish needs.





How did you come about your Mistress name?

After more than twenty years as a lifestyle Top, Mistress and Domme as "me", I decided to take on a new Mistress name for professional sessions.

The inspiration for my name is from the book, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark (played by Maggie Smith in the film adaptation and Geraldine McEwan in the TV series). Although Miss Brodie is a very flawed character her name resonates strongly in our culture. Even those who have never seen nor read the story conjure up images of a strict Scottish disciplinarian at the mention of her name.

My love for domestic and scholastic discipline drew me to a name that would inspire an old-fashioned governess image. Miss Jean Brodie was charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, strict, witty and domineering. She fancied herself as nurturing but was often manipulative and cruel. She was also Scottish and in the prime of her life :)

However, the similarities run only so deep, I am no carbon copy and I did not wish to call myself merely Miss Brodie or even Mistress Brodie. I prefer the maturity of "Madam" for my personality and I like the sound of Madam, or Ma'am when it stammers from a subs lips. The deviation from the default of "Mistress" also serves to check who is really paying attention. Keep your wits about you!

Mouthsoaping Review on Mistress Review

A couple of days ago I had a wonderful session with a Swedish soapboy I've been talking to for over a year. Finally we managed to schedule an appointment. It was a beautiful afternoon that deserves its own blog but for now here is the lovely review he left for me...

"I've an odd fetish for mouthsoaping, soap play, soap bars, suds and forced washing combined with more common fetishes like spanking, humiliation, role play etc I've had around 30 sessions involving soap-play mostly in US whereit's more common in domestic discipline sessions. Its's hard to find a true, genuine dominant women in Europe into soap-play.

Until I run into Madame Brodie and saw her web site where she announce she realy like mouthsoaping. From our first email Contact I felt she is the Lady and made the trip from Sweden to see her in London for a 2 h Governess/boy session.

It was Amazing, mind blowing! Ma'am Brodie is so friendly, understanding, she listen and really want to know about your fantasies, boundaries and how to push your limits. She is fun, we had such a good laugh and smiled during our session. It was Deep Connection that we both had fun and enjoyed the ride.

To me the ordinary mouthsoaping: a dry bar in mouth for a few minutes is pritty boring. And Ma'am Brodie  understood my fetish for creamy, soapy suds all over my face and mouth applied with her Beautiful, feminine soft hands. It was extremley intimate and exciting.

I'm so satisfied and happy that I've found a dominant woman in Europe who really enjoy soap-play and you can feel it's for real. Not just a service.

I can't wait to see her again and feel the creamy lather over my face and in my mouth and see her Beautiful, friendly, sadistic and warm smile when she apply the suds.

I've strated to plan my next trip to my soap-queen." - Swedish-soapboy


Coming to Glasgow

Tempestuous Scottish redhead, sadistic fetishist and enthusiastic pervert, currently based in Brighton. I am visiting the homeland and for the first time I have made myself available for session bookings whilst there, for one day only, 5th May 2016. Submissives, masochists and kinksters of all experience levels may apply for sensual and torturous play, merciless slap and tickle or a damn good thrashing.

I am an educated, wickedly playful Mistress, specialising in Traditional Correction, Spanking, CP, Fetishism, Foot and Boot Worship, Strap-on play, Fisting, Trampling, Domestic Discipline and cruel, relentless TICKLE TORTURE! I am a keen enthusiast of many other kinks, all detailed within my site.

Apply now or regret it later.

Twitter @MadamBrodie
Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/4166351 (Madam_Brodie)
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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