Tickling and SPH Review on Mistress Review

Another Mistress Review, this time from the most ticklish guy ever. His body went into a shock/stress reaction when tickled, his throat would swell up and he would struggle to breathe, like anaphylaxis. I could have literally tickled him to death! So if his review sounds like it's obsessed with safety protocols, there's a good reason why. Tickle-torture as edge-play. 

I paid a visit to Madam Brodie in spring of 2016 having consulted her by way of email then phone. It is important to call to talk so you can negotiate a scene that will satisfy you and lay down your boundaries.I have a huge tickle fetish and love being tickled to oblivion. I also have a pathetic excuse for a mini dick and need reminding about what a disgrace it is to women. I don't think Madam has had anyone as ticklish as me but I was in euphoria as I was mercilessly tickled and spanked. I was also paraded around the dungeon in the most emasculating way possible.All play was done safely and sanely and Madam is very professional in keeping an eye on making sure everything going well. I absolutely recommend her to satisfy your fetish needs.





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