Visiting London 30th January, taking bookings

I haven't sessioned in London for quite some time so have booked myself in for a day of tormenting and abusing lucky applicants at Murder Mile Studios in East London on Saturday 30th January.

It's such a wonderful space, I really enjoy striding around and playing with all the wonderful toys there. The possibilities are as endless as my mind is devious. If you'd like to come and play with me, send me an email. Booking procedures and requirements are all detailed online along with my direct email address. 

Slots are filling up fast (doesn't that sound nice?) but there's still a few available. If I have fun, I might even come back sooner ;)

Murder Mile Throne

Murder Mile Dungeon


Cheeribye for now xx

Lovely Lady Lucie Latex in London

On Friday I popped back to the UK for a whirlwind but incredibly exciting and productive meeting with the lovely and über talented Lady Lucie Latex and left with a suitcase full of incredible latex that I can't wait to shoot. 

Her workshop is welcoming, as is Lucie herself (and the black cat). It was great to catch up and we spent a delightful afternoon, with me stripped and lubed up, as she squeezed, pulled and laced me in to outfit after outfit: corsets, opera gloves, stockings, skirts, jackets, hotpants, buckle straps and harnesses... what a jolly way to spend a few hours. I really love her designs and the whole time she really made me feel badass and gorgeous (which, of course, I am). I felt like a queen, a supervillain and a goddess. 

It looks like the shoot will happen at the end of January. I have an amazing photographer confirmed and I have a fantastic location but I have an important meeting before I can reveal the details. I hate having to wait so long to get these images shot but I know they are going to be worth the wait. 

Check her out at

T-wit T-woo

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