Etiquette and FAQs

Pay attention class!

Sit down, pencils out, you will be tested!

Contacting a professional Domina for the first time can be daunting, regardless of your experience level.

The procedures and guidelines detailed within my site are in place to help you initiate the most mentally stimulating and mutually satisfying experience. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough that before you contact me, please read through this web site. Make sure to check over the following list of my limits, dos, don'ts and frequently asked questions:

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  • Be polite and respectful in your dealings with me. 
  • Address me as Madam Brodie, Madam, Ma’am or Miss at all times.
  • Read the website first. The information you need to make a booking is provided here. Do not waste my time by asking questions to which answers have already been provided.
  • Be honest. Sessions will be designed around the information that you provide.
  • Respect my boundaries as I will respect yours. Read the site.
  • Be punctual and communicative.
  • Arrive clean, groomed and attentive.
  • Present your tribute in an envelope upon arrival, preferably with a card or note attached.
  • Requests for specific costumes or implements should be made in advance    


  • Be rude, disrespectful or insult me by making sexual advances.
  •  Contact me by text or voice message. If I do not pick up you will need to try again until you reach me in person or email 
  • Call from a withheld number, I will not pick up.
  • Make demands, you may only make polite requests
  • Do not steal images from my website images and do not distribute them.

Madam's Boundaries

  • I do not engage in non-negotiated activities
  • No illegal activity
  • No form of aggressive behaviour will be tolerated from you.
  • I am not submissive. I will not “switch” with you.
  • No full nudity, I may choose to wear requested fetish clothing at my discretion (see FAQs below).
  • No alcohol or other inebriants, no drug use.
  • No vomit (Roman Showers)
  • No scat/brown showers (Coprophilia) 
  • Castration. Seriously. 
  • Oral Service: No Breast, Vaginal or Anal worship. Foot, leg, armpit and clothed ass worship may be permitted to those that earn the privilege.
  • Hand-jobs: I do not offer hand-jobs or foot-jobs. I am not interested in satisfying you. However, I may allow supervised masturbation as a reward for pleasing behaviour.
  • All parties must be aware of the risks involved in all activities and give explicit consent.
  • No activities that compromise my privacy or identity
  • I will not continue to see needy subs who try to extend our relationship beyond the professional.




My default attitude within a session will be playful coaxing and teasing. I do relish dishing out verbal abuse, humiliation and degradation within a scene when that is part of your desired fantasy. Outside of that context I will treat you with respect and consideration. I pride myself in my good manners and expect the same from you

Do not attempt to engage me in role-playing games during negotiation or outside of scene. If you do I shall discontinue the dialogue. Until I have agreed to dominate you within a BDSM session, I will treat you as an equal. 

Email Etiquette

  • I hate to repeat myself but... read the website. I realise there's a lot to get through but all the information is here for your benefit, don't make me repeat it again.
  • Address me only as “Madam Brodie,” “Madam,” “Ma’am” or “Miss".
  • Explain what your interests and limitations are. List any experience, or lack thereof, within BDSM. 
  • Communicate as fully and clearly as you can, using proper sentence structure.
  • Emails received with one line will not be answered.
  • Include your name, as you would like to be addressed, and any additional contact information I may need.
  • Remember that the way you present yourself in your email, indicates to me how you wish to be considered.
  • Take the time to review your message before sending. Check for clarity of communication, inclusion of important details, consider the tone of your words and for goodness sake, use spellcheck!
  • Any rude or impolite emails will be ignored and deleted without a response. 
  • I am happy to answer specific questions about any activities or session details but I do not provide "wank fodder".
  • Be patient. I reply to emails by priority and may take some time to respond to more involved or non-critical messages.

Phone Etiquette

  • I hate to repeat myself but... read the website. I realise there's a lot to get through but all the information is here for your benefit, don't make me repeat it again.

  • Please take note of my available call hours. (9am-10pm). You must not call outside of these hours. I prefer to take initial consultation calls between 12:30 and 3:30pm and between 8pm and 10pm.

  • If I am not available, keep trying, you will be rewarded. You may also contact me by email and request a call-back.

  • Introduce yourself clearly.

  • Remember, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. If I have given you my phone number then I will be looking forward to your call. Relax, speak clearly and convey the relevant information. Be polite, respectful, and answer questions honestly and concisely. 

  • I will ask you about your interests, fantasies and desires, as well as your limits. Be simple and direct; tell me exactly what it is you’re looking for and ask any questions you have directly so I can answer you thoroughly. When in doubt about whether we share an interest, please ask.  I will not be shocked nor offended.

  • Do not expect or try to elicit lengthy phone descriptions or phone domination. I am happy to answer any direct questions or concerns but I do not provide phone sex or wank fodder.



You will be asked to make a deposit of £50 per booked hour to a discreet PayPal address, this is to reserve the Dungeon space which is shared with other mistresses and also a regrettable necessity due to time-wasters. The session is not booked until the deposit has been made. You will then be given instructions on how to confirm the session on the booked day. The remainder of my tribute is to be brought in cash, in an envelope, to be presented to me at the beginning of your session, preferably with a small note or card.



Once an appointment has been made you will be required to contact the me on the morning of the session between 9am and 10am by phone to confirm your attendance. If you do not do this, your appointment will be cancelled. If you cannot reach me by telephone you must email me requesting a callback. You have not confirmed until we have spoken voice to voice.



Please treat the appointments you make with me as you would an appointment with any other professional. I take great care in preparing my space and myself for our session. I also share my space with other mistresses. If you are late, there is rarely a chance to fix my schedule to accommodate your tardiness. I expect to be compensated for our scheduled time in its entirety.



If you have to cancel the appointment, do so at your earliest convenience and the session may then be rescheduled without losing your deposit. If you cancel for any reason within 48 hours of our scheduled time together, your dungeon hire deposit of £50 per booked hour is forfeit and I will require a further £50 non-refundable deposit before I will consider re-booking with you. Time wasters are not tolerated in any manner!

Preparing for your session.

  • Respect my time and be punctual. If you are going to be more than five minutes early or late, you must telephone me. Other people use the space and also deserve their privacy and time to be respected. If you are early do not expect to be admitted.
  • I expect you to be mentally and physically prepared for our session. 
  • I expect you to be on time, clean, well groomed and dressed in your normal street clothes.
  • The chambers I use have facilities available should you need to use the toilet or shower before or after our session.
  • If we have scheduled anal play, I prefer if you administer your own enema in advance.
  • When you arrive, we will have an opportunity to negotiate our scene fully. Please be prepared to present me with my tribute during our discussion. This should be presented in a envelope, preferably accompanied by a card or a short note.
  • Please be polite and responsive before and after your session. If you have any questions, concerns or want to talk about something connected with the session - ask and communicate. I do not want to guess, I want to know.    

Privacy Policy

  • I respect your privacy and I am discreet about all information and activities shared before, during and after our session. I expect the same from you consideration from you.
  • You must not try to infringe upon my personal life or overstep the bounds of our professional relationship.
  • When you step into my domain I care only about the dynamics occurring between us. Your life, profession and standing outside of the dungeon have no influence or interest to me, all slaves are equal to me until they earn distinction in their service.
  • Discretion is paramount and should we encounter each other in a vanilla setting I will treat you as I would any other stranger. Likewise, I do not expect any acknowledgement of our D/s relationship from you.
  • I will not film or photograph any part of our session without prior agreement and completion of relevant model releases and documentation. You will not be secretly recorded. I do not currently offer taped sessions. It goes without saying that any attempts to record our interactions without permission will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.


I do not accept same day bookings from new clients. I take a great deal of time in preparation for our sessions and typically require at least 48 hours notice. Established clients may request last minute bookings but availability will be limited.

 I currently offer sessions in my preferred chambers in London and Brighton. I will only consider sessions further afield with established clients, additional costs to be agreed.

Yes! I would enjoy the pleasure of tormenting you in collaboration with my wonderful Mistress friends. I also welcome the prospect of meeting and playing with new Mistresses should you have a particular one in mind.

I am only available for paid, professional bookings. My private life is strictly private.

It is not necessary to bring a gift but of course thoughtful gifts will encourage my good disposition towards you. Gifts of stockings, gloves, lingerie and fetish items are always well received, as are fine wines and spirits and kinky toys. Should you wish, you may peruse my Amazon wishlist for ideas.

Yes. I play with submissives of all experience levels and enjoy being part of a journey of discovery. However, if this is your first time I ask that you communicate this to me along with an idea of where your interests and limits may lie. It is OK to not have a concrete “script”, in fact I prefer not to, but if you can indicate to me what you are curious about then I will guide you to the best of my ability. You can aid me by being honest throughout.

I am available to play with people of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels. Whilst most of my clientele is male, women and trans clients are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed. 

Not presently, I enjoy the adrenaline and human connection of a face to face encounter, however I may consider this in the future.    

Absolutely! If you have items of clothing or toys that you would like to be incorporated into our session, you are most welcome to bring them along. It may not always be possible or desirable to involve them at the last minute so you advised to discuss this with me in advance and I will accommodate you if I can.

I am not a smoker but I do enjoy the aesthetic of a Dominant woman with a cigar. I enjoy incorporating smoking fetishes and ashtray play into sessions, where I will smoke spiced cigarillos and slim cigars. However, it is not always permitted to smoke within the premises I use, please ask in advance. You are never permitted to smoke in my presence.

I have a great appreciation for fetishists of all types and enjoy indulging your kinks when appropriate and possible. Some items of clothing may not be suitable for all session activities, due to their restrictive nature or other properties. You may request certain garments or materials but it is up to my mood and the logistics of our session whether I choose to indulge you or not.

I have a great love of vintage fetish; corsets, stockings and gloves, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s fashions, tailored suits and evening wear, that is reflected in my wardrobe. I also have many exquisite fetish garments in latex or leather. I enjoy my own shoe and boot fetish, though again some of the more spectacular footwear is impractical for session purposes.

If you have a deep desire to involve a specific item I cannot provide, then you are welcome to purchase it for me.

Anyone asking me to wear “as little as possible” will find themselves disappointed. This is the surest way to make me cover up.

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