My sessions focus exclusively on BDSM.  Kindly refrain from contacting me if you are looking for a directly sexual service.

I am very selective about whom I will see professionally and I will not be a good match for every applicant. Compatibility is key! Sessions will only be granted when I feel there is a realistic prospect of a rewarding outcome for both parties. Neither of us is interested in wasting time and energy on a session frustrated by conflicting goals. 

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Making sure that our interests and expectations are aligned prior to meeting helps avoid disappointment, so please take the time to read my website thoroughly in order to assess our potential compatibility.

Within this site I have provided extensive information about what I do (and do not) offer. As you will already have read on my Interests page, I have my own fetishes and preferences that I enjoy incorporating into sessions. I will only engage in scenes and sessions that I personally find interesting, intriguing and fun.

Before contacting me for the first time, think about what you would like to explore and what your limits are. You may be concerned that your fantasies are unusual or "strange" but you will find me most understanding and your kinks may well be more common than you imagine.

I enjoy weaving your kinks, fetishes and fantasies together with my own interests and skills to create personalized and mutually rewarding encounters. The session will be designed around the information that you provide to me, so it is imperative that you are honest. Much as your suggestions are welcomed, at all times I will maintain creative freedom, and most importantly control. 

Should you request a novel yet agreeable kink that intrigues me, I am unafraid to embrace the learning experience and explore it together. However if it is either not to my taste or I feel uneasy with it for any reason, I will suggest alternative options.

Booking Sessions

You should be respectful and polite in making your request for a session (see Etiquette). I prefer initial contact by email. This gives me an idea of where your interests lie and how you present yourself, in advance. In your email you may request a call-back during my available hours for an initial telephone interview where we can arrange for your session or, if your email pleases me I will send my phone number and preferred times for phone interviews. With the advent of smart-phones, I can receive and respond to your mails quickly thus I have chosen to spare myself the endless nuisance calls from time-wasters and only give my private number to select applicants. The more ground we can cover by email, the more favourably your phone call will be received. 

In this phone call, we will conduct an initial consultation. I will review your application and discuss backgrounds and experiences. The interview allows us to ensure we are compatible and for you to ask any questions you may have.

Please email the address given on the Contact page.


When I have determined our mutual compatibility by telephone and email exchange, we will agree a date and time for the session. I will then send you a confirmation email outlining the specific interests and limits you have indicated to me, along with the date, time and location instructions. You will be asked to make a deposit in order to secure the booking with the dungeon (See Etiquette). Do not make an appointment unless you are serious about following it through. If you have any doubts about your ability or commitment to attend please let me know immediately so that I may reassure you or cancel/reschedule your booking, as appropriate. 


The required tribute amount per booked hour is available upon request.     


All sessions are conducted in a Safe, Sane and Consensual manner. Safe-words will be given and honoured.  These are provided for you to notify me of concerns and assert limits during a session. The generic “traffic light” safe-words are detailed here, although I may choose to furnish you with another on the day for my own amusement. 



  • RED: We need to stop 
  • ORANGE: I'm OK but proceed with caution 
  • GREEN: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Session Length

I offer sessions by the hour, from 1 hour to a half day, the recommended session length is 2 hours, to allow you adequate time to “warm up” and “cool down”. Depending on the length of the scene, I may incorporate a few or many of the interests listed here as best fits my mood that day.

Upon Arrival

On arriving for your session, you will be greeted at the door by Madam Brodie and brought to a reception area where you can discuss your session and ask any further questions you may have. You will then be taken to the appropriate area within private chambers where your session will commence.    

At the end of the session

You will be given time to dress and make any other preparations necessary to rejoin the outside world. You will be given an opportunity to sit down with me, have a cold drink and provide feedback or ask questions about our time together.  

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