Brighton and London Chambers

I conduct my London sessions from the well-appointed Murder Mile Studios, hosted by my good friends in East London.  

Should you wish to request a session with me here there are several different themed rooms. You will find no shortage of inspiring equipment and superior dungeon furniture to facilitate our sessions together. The beautifully furnished chambers provide an immersive experience and are a perfect setting for countless, varied scenarios. 

Below are a few sample images of their various chambers. 

Please refer to for detailed information on location and facilities, complete with many more beautiful and informative photographs. 

The Brighton Dungeon

I conduct my Brighton sessions from the well equipped and newly refurbished Brighton Dungeon, the domain of Mistress Dometria. 

Located in central Brighton it is ideally located for visitors from out of town as well as local players. Behind the discreet facade you will find a labyrinth of differently themed play spaces. An immaculate medical room, a well stocked and roomy dungeon play space, a harsh torture cell and grim interrogation cell.

These spaces are contrasted with the newly added Erotic Boudoir, sumptuously upholstered in purple velvet this chamber allows for more luxurious and domestic scenarios. This chamber are elegant yet relaxed, as well as beautifully furnished. Presiding over the room is an imposing regal bed and is replete with all manner of lighting effects, a crystal chandelier, mirrored dressing tables and elegant chaise longue. Any of the wealth of BDSM equipment and toys within the dungeon may be brought to the Boudoir to tease and torment my victims

Additional information about The Erotic Boudoir on The Erotic Boudoir Facebook Page

Please refer to for detailed information on the location and facilities of The Brighton Dungeon, complete with many more beautiful and informative photographs. 


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